Francisca's Experience $79

           The Chef and his wife go on an excursion everyday to find the catch of the day, seasonal vegetables from Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building and local                       meats. Under Chef's control, you will have 8 courses, some individually plated and some family style. Join this adventure. Participation of the whole table is                   required.

Caviar supplement $80

Black Burgundy truffles supplement  $20

2 oz Wagyu supplement $40

Chef's four course tasting menu $39

(menu changes daily)

A La Carte

Crispy yucca $6

Fried plantains $6

Arugula and shiitake mushrooms salad $10

Cesar Chavez salad $10

Arepa - white corn bread, braised pork or chicken $12

Arepa Caprese - white corn bread, burrata, heirloom tomato, basil $18

Pepito - chopped chicken, beef and pork, Monterey Jack cheese, pickled cabbage and shoestring fries inside large house baked bread $18

Mary's chicken - rotisserie half chicken, roasted potatoes $25

Carbonara - spaghetti, house cured pancetta, egg yolk $18

Lamb farfalle - farfalle pasta, braised in Barbera lamb $18

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.